Duration:3 Years(6 semester)

  1. 1st Year
    • 1st Sem Syllabus
      1. English
      2. Analog and Digital Electronics
      3. C and Datastructures
      4. C++ programming
      5. Software Engineering
    • 2nd Sem Syallabus
      1. Core java
      2. Javascript
      3. Sql
      4. Unix
      5. Software testing
      6. Project work
  2. 2nd Year
    • 3rd Sem Syallabus
      1. Html and Css
      2. C#Programming
      3. GUI design
      4. Ado.net and Asp.net
      5. Dot net Architecture
      6. Dotnet Framework
    • 4th Sem Syallabus
      1. Java applets
      2. Java swings
      3. Java server page
      4. Java struts
      5. Servelets
      6. Hibernate/EJB
      7. Project work

Benefits Of GDCA Course

      1. students will be getting government authorized certificate and will be valid worldwide
      2. Sharp Mind Info Train provides excellent coaching for the students who are looking to build high career goals.

      3. Sharp Mind not only provides professional teachers but also the necessary material required for the students and takes them to the next level of knowledge.

      4. The institute helps to gain fresh perspectives on your personal challenges and opportunities.

      5. In the era of cut-throat competition, there is huge competition in all the fields. Our institute makes the way for you easy by teaching all the new technologies to be a good competitor and ease your way to reach your goals.

      6. We provide competitive environment to you to make you more and more stable technically with all the best skills.

      7. We have company environment.

      8. All the courses available here are cost effective. The institute also provides 100% career assistance.

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