Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any eligibility criteria to join any particular course?
      It is not required if the candidate goes for any individual course. If the candidate is opting for merit scheme then he should have good communication skills with 60% academic aggregate.

  1. Will the institute provides certificate for all the available courses?
      Yes, SharpMind Info Train provides a valid certificate for all the courses.

  1. Is the certificate valid outside the India?
      The certificate provided by SharpMind Info Train is a government authorised which is valid all over the world.

  1. Is there fast track training available in SharpMind Info Train?
      Yes, SharpMind Info Train provides fast track training for all the available courses.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for merit scheme?
      For getting admission in merit scheme the candidate should have the academic aggregate of 60% with good communication skills.

    1. What is the course duration for merit scheme?
        The duration for merit scheme is one year.

    1. What are the different merit schemes available under the merit scheme?
      • There are mainly three different packages available in merit scheme, they are:
        1. Software
          1. J2EE and J2ME
          2. Dot net
          3. Web development
          4. Data base
        2. IT
          1. Hardware
          2. Microsoft windows
          3. CISCO Networking
          4. Advanced IMS
        3. Management

    1. Does the institute provide placements for the students?
        SharpMind Info train provides job assistance.

    1. What are the documents to be submitted to the institution by the candidate at the time of admission?
        Indian students are supposed to carry photo copies of academic marks sheets , ID proof and 5 passport size photos. Foreign students are supposed to carry photo copies of academic mark sheets, residential permit, visa, passport and 5 passport size photos.

    1. Does the institute provide weekend class?
        No, currently SharpMind does not provide weekend class.

    1. Is the candidate provided with the relevant study materials of his course by the institute?
        Yes, the SharpMind Info Train provides study materials in the form of hard copies, CDs, DVDs, along with the required software.

    1. Can the student attend demo classes before an admission?
        Yes, demo class are held only on Saturdays between 4pm and 6pm.

    1. Is the fees paid by the student refunded in case he/she discontinues the course?

        No, Once the fees paid by the student will not be refunded in any case by the institute.

    1. Does the candidate get practical knowledge of the course joined?
        Yes , the candidate gets proficiency practically in their respective courses.

    1. How many exams will be conducted by the institute for any particular course?
        Every course will be having 2 preliminary and 1 final exam. Exams will be held only on Saturdays.